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Reproduction and Fertility publishes research and reviews on basic, translational and clinical reproduction and fertility, across all animal species, including humans. This is reflective of the remit of owning society, the Society for Reproduction and Fertility (SRF).

Special collections bring together some of the most influential and timely research, driving discoverability to increase article impact.

Our Special Collections, (some formerly known as ‘Special Series’), feature articles on key topics within reproductive biology, reflecting the journal’s broad scope. Alongside invited papers, the Editors also welcome submissions of original research and reviews relevant to a collection. Click on the collection titles to browse the articles and learn more about opportunities to submit your paper for inclusion.  


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2023 Impact Factor Collection
Explore this collection of the top-cited research articles and reviews that contributed to our 2023 Journal Impact Factor.

Fertility Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries - Open to submissions
A series of reviews and research articles exploring some of the challenges and barriers to accessing infertility care in different critical low- and middle-income countries. This series is hosted by two of our Associate Editors, Dr. Federica Lopes and Associate Prof. Willem Ombelet.

Reproduction and the Microbiome - Open to submissions 
This special series on microbiomes is composed of articles from experts highlighting important evidence in reproductive microbiomes and current research gaps. The series is guest edited by Siobhain O’Mahony, alongside Associate Editor Pierre Comizzoli.

A series of free-to-read, reviews and research articles focused on endometriosis. This special series was guest edited by Lauren Foster, along with Series Associate Editor Mathew Leonardi.

Fertility Preservation 
This series of research focused on the important topic of fertility preservation, covering both its clinical application and also its use as a tool to use with endangered species. This series was Guest edited by Rod Mitchell, along with Series Associate Editor Suzannah Williams.