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Reproduction and Fertility publishes research and reviews on basic, translational and clinical reproduction and fertility, across all animal species, including humans. This is reflective of the remit of owning society, the Society for Reproduction and Fertility (SRF). In response to the broad scope of the journal, the editorial team have decided to create a series of special collections, bringing together the latest published content on a specific type of article or topic from the journal.

Reproduction and Fertility is a fully open-access journal, and therefore all the articles included in the special collections are free to read by all.


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Top-Cited Articles in 2023
Explore this collection of the top-cited research articles and reviews in 2023.

Clinical research and reviews
Reproduction and Fertility has a growing collection of clinically focused reviews and research articles from around the world, including topics such as the impact of COVID-19 on infertility services and the effects of lifestyle on fertility and metabolomics in endometriosis. This collection is highly relevant for clinicians and others working in the field of reproduction and fertility.

Reproduction and Fertility recognises the importance of studies in wildlife reproductive health, in particular for conservation purposes. Bringing together the latest research published in the journal on this topic, this is a growing collection that the journal looks forward to adding to in the future.