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Reproduction and Fertility is dedicated to publishing the latest content in the field of fertility preservation. As part of that aim, the journal is releasing a special series on this topic, covering both its clinical application and also its use as a tool to use with endangered species. The series is guest edited by Rod Mitchell, along with Series Associate Editor Suzannah Williams. The Fertility Preservation special series will continue to grow as more related research is published in the journal.

“Fertility Preservation has been increasingly recognised as crucial for future health and wellbeing in several patients groups over the last decade and can now be considered as a specialty in itself. Fertility Preservation is also key for the preservation of endangered species and ensuring the biodiversity of the planet as we move forward under the cloud of climate change and mass extinction. There are many options but each specific based on age, gender and species. Understanding the biology, developing more techniques for fertility preservation and ensuring these are available for all in need, are priorities for the field. In this series, we bring together experts in all of these areas to share the current status and also to shed light on exciting future possibilities.”


Guest Editor: Rod Mitchell & Series Associate Editor: Suzannah Williams

Rod Mitchell
University of Edinburgh, UK
Guest Editor

photo of Dr Rod Mitchell


Suzannah Williams
University of Oxford, UK
Series Associate Editor

photo of Dr Suzannah Williams


Read the latest articles published in the ‘Fertility Preservation’ special series:

A fertile future: Fertility preservation special series
Rod T Mitchell and Suzannah A Williams

Long-term preservation of germ cells and gonadal tissues at ambient temperatures
Pierre Comizzoli, Xiaoming He, and Pei-Chih Lee

Resurrecting biodiversity: advanced assisted reproductive technologies and biobanking
Rhiannon L Bolton et al.

Potential ovarian toxicity and infertility risk following targeted anti-cancer therapies
Roseanne Rosario, Wanyuan Cui, and Richard A Anderson

Fertility preservation for transgender individuals
James Barrett


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