Reproduction and the Microbiome


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This special series is composed of articles from experts highlighting important evidence in reproductive microbiomes and current research gaps.

Many parts of the animal and human body have groups of bacteria, viruses, fungi (together called the microbiome) that do not cause disease but are important for the healthy working of important systems in the body and this includes the reproduction system. While the microbiome that live in the reproductive tract play the most direct part in health, microbiomes in other areas of the body may also affect reproductive health. However, not much is known about how these other groups of microorganisms really affect the reproductive microbiome to disturb fertility, parent and baby/child health, and being able to cope with environmental changes. There is still much less information on animals compared to the large amount of research on model species and humans.

This series is guest edited by Siobhain O’Mahony, alongside Associate Editor Pierre Comizzoli.

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Special series on the role of the microbiome in reproduction and fertility
S M O'Mahony and P Comizzoli

Mammalian milk microbiomes: sources of diversity, potential functions, and future research directions
Michael L Power, Carly R Muletz-Wolz, and Sally L Bornbusch

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