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Reproduction and Fertility publishes research and reviews on basic, translational and clinical reproduction and fertility across all animal species, including humans.

The journal recognises the importance of studies in wildlife reproductive health for conservation purposes, reflecting the remit of the owning society, the Society for Reproduction and Fertility (SRF).

In recognition of the growing importance of this area for Reproduction and Fertility, we have appointed an Associate Editor in that field, Dr Pierre Comizzoli, from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.


Comparative reproduction of the female horse, elephant and rhinoceros: implications for advancing assisted reproductive technologies
Janine Meuffels-Barkas et al.

The novel use of urinary androgens to optimise detection of the fertile window in giant pandas
Kirsten S Wilson et al.

Progestogen metabolites for use in pregnancy monitoring of 13-lined ground squirrels (Ictidomys tridecemlineatus)
Amy Miller, Elainna Jentz, and Cassandra Duncan

Factors affecting reproductive traits in male snow leopards (Unciauncia)
Jason R Herrick et al.

Investigating media that support red wolf (Canis rufus) sperm viability and capacitation in vitro
Jennifer B Nagashima et al.

Article Commentary
Ethics: use and misuse of assisted reproductive techniques across species
Madeleine L H Campbell


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Prostaglandin and antigestagen in pyometra bitches: vascular and stereological effect
Roberto Rodrigues da Rosa Filho et al.

Glycerophospholipids protect stallion spermatozoa from oxidative damage in vitro
Ashlee J Medica et al.

In vitro development of mechanically and enzymatically isolated cat ovarian follicles
Jennifer B Nagashima, Andrea M Hill, and Nucharin Songsasen

Melatonin added to freezing diluent improves canine (Bulldog) sperm cryosurvival
Julio A Martinez-Rodriguez et al.


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