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Velez Carolina, Clauzure Mariangeles, Williamson Delia, Garcia Monica, Koncurat Mirta, and Barbeito Claudio

al. 2005 ). The main ligands of the integrins include a large number of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, such as osteopontin (OPN/ SPP1), collagens, laminins, and fibronectin (FN), among others ( Plow et al. 2000 ). Interestingly, on certain

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Kate Anthony, Tyler Bruce Garner, Ramesh Ramachandran, and Francisco Javier Diaz

hens while Fn1 (fibronectin 1) was more abundant in FF hens with no differences by age. Figure 4 Stripchart of the ten genes belonging to the extracellular matrix group. Each point represents a replicate from qPCR analysis while horizontal

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Chinwe U Nwachukwu, Robert S Robinson, and Kathryn J Woad

/well were plated onto fibronectin-coated coverslips in 12 well plates and allowed to luteinise. Cells were cultured in supplemented MDCB 131 media according to Laird et al. (2013) with the following important alterations: (i) LR 3 -IGF1 was omitted from

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Chinwe U Nwachukwu, Kathryn J Woad, Nicole Barnes, David S Gardner, and Robert S Robinson

non-germ cells (e.g. pre-granulosa cells and fibroblasts) or amount/composition of connective tissue (i.e. collagen and fibronectin). Indeed, this is a period of active proliferation of pre-granulosa cells, with a 20-fold increase observed between gd40

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Michael P Rimmer, Christopher D Gregory, and Rod T Mitchell

fibronectin type 2 molecules( Saalmann et al. 2001 ). SBPs bind to sperm following ejaculation and facilitate numerous functions including capacitation and motility ( Ekhlasi-Hundrieser et al. 2007 , Plante et al. 2016 ). In recent years, the presence

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Emmanuel Amabebe, Henry Ogidi, and Dilly O Anumba

tissue hydration and redistribution of collagen fibres. Hyaluronan also impairs the interaction of fibronectin and collagen ( Word et al. 2007 ) and promotes cervical ripening by stimulating macrophages, which produce cytokines that attract other

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Thomas M Rawlings, Komal Makwana, Maria Tryfonos, and Emma S Lucas

syncytiotrophoblast ( Ladines-Llave et al. 1991 , Maruo et al. 1997 ) ( Fig. 2 ). VEGF enhances the adhesion of the trophoblast to the luminal epithelium ( Binder et al. 2014 ), while TGFB increases ECM remodelling, via the secretion of fibronectin, for example

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Noble K Kurian and Deepak Modi

epithelium is mediated by its cell wall-associated lipoteichoic acid while high-affinity interactions are mediated by extracellular matrix proteins like fibronectin, laminin, and others which interact with host cell integrins ( Doran & Nizet 2004 ). The

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Philippa T K Saunders

significantly associated with genes involved in sex steroid hormone signalling pathways including FSH beta ( FSHB ), fibronectin ( FN1 ) and CCDC170 a gene implicated in breast cancer risk ( Dunning et al. 2016 ) and five secondary association signals

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Rachel T Cox, Joanna Poulton, and Suzannah A Williams

Guignabert C Ying L Deshpande N Bekker JM Wang L Zhou B Rabinovitch M 2008 Developmental expression of LC3alpha and beta: absence of fibronectin or autophagy phenotype in LC3beta knockout mice . Developmental Dynamics 237 187 – 195 . ( https