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Jenna Lowe and Erin Curry

Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW) at CZBG have been conducting ultrasound examinations on female pandas housed at CZBG that were recommended for breeding by the SSP. Utilizing archived ultrasound videos and images obtained

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Rhiannon L Bolton, Andrew Mooney, Matt T Pettit, Anthony E Bolton, Lucy Morgan, Gabby J Drake, Ruth Appeltant, Susan L Walker, James D Gillis, and Christina Hvilsom

predominantly for research or management, for example, of captive populations (Agca 2012, Hewitt & Watson 2013 ). Biobanking is not new; conservationists have been collecting samples from wildlife for decades to save genetic diversity ( Soulé et al. 1985

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Jason R Herrick, Cayla J Iske, Rachel M Santymire, Colleen Lynch, Mattina Alonge, Rebecca L Krisher, and Cheryl L Morris

Francisco Zoo, St. Louis Zoo, Turtle Back Zoo, Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo, and Woodland Park Zoo. The authors are also grateful to Jay Tetzloff, Lynn Tupa, and the Snow Leopard SSP for their support of this work. Dr Bill Schoolcraft and Karen

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Pierre Comizzoli, Xiaoming He, and Pei-Chih Lee

Genome resource banking for wildlife conservation: promises and caveats . Cryoletters 42 309 – 320 . Hubel A Spindler R Skubitz APN 2014 Storage of human biospecimens: selection of the optimal storage temperature . Biopreservation and Biobanking

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Jennifer B Nagashima, Marcia de Almeida Monteiro Melo Ferraz, Sarah H Kamen, and Nucharin Songsasen

:// ) 16727185 Faust L Harrison R Waddell W Long S Traylor-Holzer K 2016 Red wolf ( Canis rufus ) population viability analysis– Report to US Fish and Wildlife Service, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, IL, USA. . Feng

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Kirsten S Wilson, Desheng Li, Iain Valentine, Alan McNeilly, Simon Girling, Rengui Li, Yingmin Zhou, Lynn Vanhaecke, W Colin Duncan, and Jella Wauters

in phocids – potential of dehydroepiandrosterone and cortisol/dehydroepiandrosterone ratio as markers for stress in Harbor seals ( Phoca vitulina ) and Gray seals ( Halichoerus grypus ) . Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 49 556 – 563 . ( https

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Gisele Montano, Pat Clough, Todd Schmitt, Michelle Davis, Karen Steinman, Justine O’Brien, and Todd Robeck

exogenous gonadotropins on follicular recruitment and ovulation induction in the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin ( Tursiops truncatus ) . Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 29 6 – 13 . Robeck TR Montano GA Steinman KJ Smolensky P Sweeney J Osborn