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Meaghan J Griffiths, Lauren R Alesi, Amy L Winship, and Karla J Hutt

( Norwitz et al. 2001 , Kupka et al. 2014 , Ledee et al. 2016 ), indicating many morphologically good-quality embryos fail to implant and establish a pregnancy. This suggests other barriers, including uterine deficiencies, contribute to the limited

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Kevin Marron and Conor Harrity

( Sathaliyawala et al. 2013 , Rebuli et al. 2018 , Pattacini et al. 2019 , Woodward Davis et al. 2021 ). NK cells of the uterine subtype (CD16-, CD56 bright ) have a primary function to facilitate implantation and pregnancy, while the peripheral blood

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Sarah Simko and Kelly N Wright

popular etiology for this condition is retrograde menstruation, but the mechanism by which endometriotic lesions implant and persist is not fully understood. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) classifies endometriosis into four stages

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Jenna Lowe and Erin Curry

, day of pregnancy is reported relative to the day of ovulation; however, in species that undergo delayed implantation and have variable pregnancy lengths, like the red panda, day of pregnancy may be anchored to parturition date rather than breeding or

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Jason Mak, Mathew Leonardi, and George Condous

diagnostic delay and validates patients’ experience of symptoms. In a survey of 451 women, only 10.4% were diagnosed on the first consultation ( Lamvu et al. 2020 ). More than half took up to 10 consultations, 7.5% took between 10 and 20 consultations, and

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W G Foster and M Leonardi

intermittent use of oral contraceptive pills ( Ballard et al. 2006 , Nnoaham et al. 2011 ). Though actively being challenged, the gold standard for diagnosis remains laparoscopic visualization and histological confirmation of endometriotic implants, with

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I Robertson, A J Kermack, and Y Cheong

regarding SARS-CoV-2 and ART may be justified, as ACE2 and CD147 receptors have been demonstrated on oocytes and pre-implantation embryos ( Essahib 2020 ) and it is these receptors that allow this virus to enter cells. Furthermore, a small study has

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Edwina F Lawson, Christopher G Grupen, Mark A Baker, R John Aitken, Aleona Swegen, Charley-Lea Pollard, and Zamira Gibb

study: maternal lipid profile in early pregnancy and foetal growth . BMC Medicine 18 276. ( ) Aitken RJ 1981 Aspects of delayed implantation in the roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) . Journal of Reproduction

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Mathias Abiodun Emokpae and Somieye Imaobong Brown

and various other organs including the reproductive system. It has over 1000 active compounds (stimulants), and a high intake of caffeine more than 5 cups or 500 mg per day delays pregnancy. It interrupts egg fertilization and implantation process

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John D West and Clare A Everett

trophectoderm cells ( Fig. 1A ). The ICM divides into the epiblast and primitive endoderm (hypoblast) and the human blastocyst implants when it has about 256 cells ( Niakan et al. 2012 ). Some human preimplantation embryos are chromosomal mosaics ( Zenzes