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Dareen Mattar, Warakorn Cheewasopit, Moafaq Samir, and Phil G Knight

Introduction Kisspeptin, encoded by the KISS1 gene, is a potent endogenous secretagogue of GnRH, acting via its cognate receptor, KISS1R (aka GPR54), expressed by many hypothalamic GnRH neurones ( Roseweir & Millar 2009 , Smith et al

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Christina M Merkley, Allison N Renwick, Sydney L Shuping, KaLynn Harlow, Jeffrey R Sommer, and Casey C Nestor

likely mediated by afferent input to GnRH neurons. Mutations in the genes encoding the neuropeptide kisspeptin or its receptor, Kiss1R (also known as G-protein coupled receptor 54, GPR54) result in impairment of pubertal maturation and reproductive

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Chris R Burke, John R Roche, Robert P Millar, and Iain J Clarke

dairy cattle in early postpartum was capable of supporting gonadotrophin release to sustain a continuation of a cyclic state. Kisspeptin (Kp) is a peptide produced in the brain, in the hypothalamus and in some peripheral organs, notably the gonads